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UMBC NanoImaging Center (NIC)

NIC offers the use of the following equipment to members of the UMBC community and to the research community at large for a fee. Users have to read and accept the laboratory policies and complete the registration form for UMBC or external users.  A work order form will need to be completed while using the equipment.  Please be sure to provide chartstring/funding information before your work is complete.  Please see your department’s business manager or principle investigator for valid chartstring information.

User Fees
Laboratory Policies
UMBC – User Registration Form
External User Registration Form
UMBC NIC Work Order Form

Available Equipment:

Nova NanoSEM 450 from FEI
Dimension 3100 AFM
Auxiliary Equipment


NanoImaging Center Director
Dr. Laszlo Takacs
Department of Physics
1000 Hilltop Circle
Physics Building, Room 309
Baltimore, MD  21250
Phone: 410-455-2524