White male, goatee, made sexual comments and touched a female today 945-1010 am. at TRC lot #25, he was in a dark colored sedan.
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Graduate Forms

  • PhD Committee and PhD Candidacy forms
    • Preliminary PhD Committee form  [pdf]
    • Annual PhD Committee Meeting form [pdf]
    • Application for PhD Candidacy [link]
    • Final PhD Committee form [link]
  • MS Graduation forms
    • Application for Diploma [link]
    • Certification of completion of MS requirements [link]
    • MS Thesis Committee form (thesis-option only) [link]
    • Certification of completion of MS thesis (thesis-option only) [link]
    • Thesis Approval Sheet (thesis-option only) [link]
    • Department MS Exit Survey (terminal MS only) [pdf]
  • PhD Graduation forms
    • Final PhD Committee form [link]
    • Application for Diploma [link]
    • Announcement of PhD Defense [link]
    • Certification of completion of PhD dissertation [link]
    • Department PhD Exit Survey [pdf]
    • Graduate School PhD Exit Survey [link]

Note: Please provide the Physics Department front-office staff with copies of all Graduate School forms.