Colloquium Schedule – Fall 2019

Date Fall 2019 – Colloquium Information
Sept 4, 2019 Title: Designing Sustainable Energy Materials Using First-principles Calculations
Dr. Ongun Ozcelik, Princeton University
Sept 11, 2019 Title: How to deduce a physical dynamical model from expectation values
Dr. Denys Bondar, Tulane University
Sept 18, 2019 Title: Cosmological Inflation: A Personal Perspective
Dr. Demos Kazanas, NASA
Sept 25, 2019 Title: Electron Dynamics in Materials from First Principles
Dr. Marco Bernaldi, Caltech
Oct 2, 2019 Title: Quantum Monte Carlo from Benchmarking to Understanding Nanoscale Materials
Dr. Kayahan Saritas, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oct 9, 2019 Title: Synchrotron X-rays and lattice dynamics: Implications in chemistry, geology and physics
Dr. Ercan Alp, Argonne National Laboratory
Oct 16, 2019 Title: Computational Physics in the Exascale Era: Opportunities and Challenges
Dr. Murat Keceli, Argonne National Laboratory
Oct 23, 2019 Title:Nonequilibrium thermodynamic limits to fluctuations and response
Dr. Jordan M. Horowitz, University of Michigan
Oct 30, 2019 Title: Planets in a bottle: Exploring planetary atmospheres in the lab
Dr. Sarah Horst, Johns Hopkins University
Nov 6, 2019 Title: Variability of low clouds and drizzle: a tale of two frameworks
Dr. Mikael Witte, NASA
Nov, 13 2019 Title: Study of White Dwarfs and Black Holes through Relativistic Bending of Light
Dr. Kailash Sahu, STSci
Nov 20, 2019 Title: Symmetry breaking in active and quantum fluids
Dr. Jorn Dunkel, Massachusetts Inst. of Technology
Nov 27, 2019 No Colloquium – Thanksgiving Break
Dec 4, 2019 Title: From chemical bonds to high mobility in layered materials
Dr. Leslie M. Schoop, Princeton University