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Graduate Women in Physics

Grad Women in Physics
UMBC GWIP luncheon in February 2020.

GWIP is a group aimed at building community among women graduate students in the UMBC Physics Department, and increasing participation by women in graduate physics programs and physics careers.

Each year, GWIP hosts a number of events including:

  • Casual lunches and dinners for building community
  • Career development workshops and guest speakers
  • Hosting seminars and colloquia
  • Outreach and mentoring to undergraduate women physics majors at UMBC
  • Outreach activities for girls at local K-12 schools


2020 GWIP Event Schedule

  • Upcoming events
    • Every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month at True Grit’s Dining Hall: Casual lunch
  • Recent Events
    • Friday, February 21, 2020 at PHYS 226: Kick off luncheon to get to know Undergraduate women in Physics and to plan for future events


UMBC GWIP points-of-contact:
Kylie Hoffman
Achala Denagamage

Faculty advisor: Todd Pittman