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Condensed Matter Physics


The research interests of the CM group are diverse, reflecting the breadth of the largest subfield in physics. Currently, the core strengths revolve around understanding fundamental physics of nanostructured metal, semiconductor, and organic materials, including their deposition and formation mechanisms; surface, interface, and structural properties; ultrafast and nonlinear optical properties; and applications in quantum information science.  These studies are primarily inspired by the potential of these materials for next-generation electronic, opto-electronic, and optical and nano-optical devices, including quantum devices.

Research efforts in individual labs are supported by departmental nanofabrication facilities and the NanoImaging Facility. More details can be found in the research pages of individual faculty.

Faculty with Research Interests in Condensed Matter Physics:

Sebastian Deffner
Dr. Sebastian Deffner
Quantum Thermodynamics Group
Theodosia Gougousi
Dr. Theodosia Gougousi
Materials Physics Lab
L. Michael Hayden
Dr. L. Michael Hayden
Research Group
Anthony Johnson
Dr. Anthony Johnson
Jason Kestner
Dr. Jason Kestner
Kestner Group
Matthew Pelton
Dr. Matthew Pelton
Laboratory for Optical Studies of Nanoscale Physics
Laszlo Takacs
Dr. Laszlo Takacs
Terrance Worchesky
Dr. Terrance Worchesky