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Physics Graduate Student Association

Prospective Grad StudentsThe primary goal of the Physics Graduate Student Association (PGSA) is to enhance the overall welfare of grad students in the physics department. The PGSA does this by:

• Meeting with Department leadership about grad student issues.
• Representing physics dep’t grad students at the UMBC GSA.
• Hosting “happy hours” and other social events.
• Hosting the Annual “Welcome BBQ” for new grad students each August.
• Hosting the Annual “PGSA Poster Session” at Visit Day each March.

The PGSA leadership council is comprised of a President, Vice-President, and two Members-At-Large. These 4 positions are typically filled by the Senators of the 2 GSA-recognized Graduate Student Organizations (GSO’s) associated with the Physics Department (the PHYS GSO, and ATPH GSO). Elections for the GSO Senators, and the 4 PGSA Leadership Council positions are held each September.

2018-2019 PGSA Leadership Council

President: Ian Nodurft
Vice-President: Noah Sienkiewicz
Member-At-Large: Achala Denagamage
Member-At-Large: David Thorsteinsson

2018-2019 PHYS GSO Senators: Ian Nodurft & David Thorsteinsson

2018-2019 ATPH GSO Senators: Noah Sienkiewicz & Achala Denagamage