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Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards

The following awards are available to undergraduate students.


The Donald N. Langenberg Undergraduate Research Award in Physics

Overview: An award of $500 made annually to an undergraduate physics major in support of a research project carried out in the Physics Department.

Eligibility: Undergraduate Physics Major at UMBC

Deadline: March 1st

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The Joseph F. Mulligan Award in Physics

Overview: An award of $750 made annually to a physics student (graduate or undergraduate), post-doc, or faculty member who prepares and delivers a year-end presentation (“The Mulligan Memorial Lecture”) covering some topic related to the history of physics.

Eligibility: UMBC Undergraduate Physics Major or Physics Graduate Student
UMBC Physics Post-doc or Faculty member

Deadline: November 1st

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Outstanding Undergraduate Learning Assistant Award

Overview: Undergraduate learning assistants (LAs) make a major contribution to undergraduate education. Each semester, the department of Physics at UMBC acknowledges and recognizes the best LA for his/her work as instructor in the classroom and laboratory.

Eligibility: UMBC Undergraduate LA

Call for Nominations will be made 2 or 3 weeks before the end of each semester.

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