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AstrophysicsUMBC faculty and students are involved in cutting edge astrophysics research.

Faculty research interests focus on understanding the physics and the broader role of relativistic outflows or jets, mainly in active galaxies, but also in galactic microquasars and gamma ray bursts. More specifically, UMBC faculty members are working to understand the physics and impact of the relativistic jets associated with the most massive black holes, which almost certainly have a major effect on their host galaxies and clusters throughout their lifetimes.

Our research benefits from our proximity and interactions with scientists at NASA Goddard and the Space Telescope Science Institute.

More details can be found in the research pages of individual faculty.

Faculty with Research Interests in Astrophysics:

Markos Georganopoulos
Dr. Markos Georganopoulos
Mark Henriksen
Dr. Mark Henriksen
Eileen T. Meyer
Dr. Eileen T. Meyer