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Inventory Control Forms

Documentation of the physical location of equipment is mandatory. Please review the Inventory Control Forms.

Program Assessment Plans

  • Physics GEC Assessment plan [pdf]
  • Physics BS Program Assessment plan [pdf]
  • PHYS PhD Program Assessment plan [pdf]
  • ATPH PhD Program Assessment plan [pdf]

Program Assessment Forms

  • PHYS PhD proposal or PhD defense assessment report form [pdf]
  • ATPH PhD proposal or PhD defense assessment report form [pdf]

Program Assessment Reports


  • Physics PhD Assessment Report 2016-17 [pdf]
  • Physics PhD Assessment Report 2017-18 [pdf]
  • Physics PhD Assessment Report 2018-19 [pdf]
  • Physics PhD Assessment Report 2021-22 [pdf]
  • Physics PhD Assessment Report 2022-23 [pdf]


  • Physics UG Assessment Report 2016-17 [pdf]
  • Physics UG Assessment Report 2017-18 [pdf]
  • Physics UG Assessment Report 2018-19 [pdf]
  • Physics UG Assessment Report 2021-22 [pdf]
  • Physics UG Assessment Report 2022-23 [pdf]