Combined BS/MS in Physics

There is a BS/MS option available, which enables a student to apply nine undergraduate credits towards an MS in Physics and thereby obtain an MS degree in less than two years.

This program is open to highly qualified advanced undergraduate students majoring in physics. UMBC Graduate School regulations allow nine graduate-qualified credits to be taken as an undergraduate and applied toward the MS degree. For the combined BS/MS program in physics, these include

  • PHYS 407 Electromagnetic Theory
  • PHYS 408 Optics
    – AND-
  • PHYS 424 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

The subsequent 21 graduate credits are taken as a graduate student and are selected according to the individual student’s interests with the approval of a graduate advisor, but they must include

  • PHYS 605 Mathematical Physics

Students wishing to participate in the BS/MS program must apply before the end of the junior year. Application to the Graduate School for admission to the program must be made at least one semester prior to completion of the requirements for the BS degree. Graduate School regulations require the maintenance of a 3.0 GPA in courses taken for the MS degree.

 MS in Physics