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Atmospheric Physics

AtmosphericFaculty, students, and scientists in the UMBC Atmospheric Physics (ATPH) graduate program perform research in a number of areas in collaboration with affiliated and adjunct faculty from NASA and NOAA.

This research is conducted by members of the physics department in the Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology (JCET) who mainly work at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) 25 miles south of the campus in Greenbelt, Maryland. There are numerous research opportunities in atmospheric physics for both graduate and undergraduate students at UMBC.

Faculty research areas include infrared, visible and ultraviolet measurements of gases and aerosols in the atmosphere using both passive and active remote sensing systems.  Tenured and tenure-track faculty are science team members on a number of NASA and NOAA missions including AIRS, CALIPSO, GLORY, MODIS, and GOES-R. Instrument specializations of the faculty include atmospheric lidar, infrared spectroscopy, and fundamental aerosol microphysical techniques.  The research in the atmospheric physics group also includes some new efforts in the areas of hurricane modeling and modeling of low-level winds with applications to PBL/pollution studies.  As a result of strong Center contributions, UMBC has recently been recognized as the #2 university in the US in 2006 in NASA university grant funding.  UMBC also has recently been recognized as being the #3 university in the country from 2001-2006 in terms of citations in the geosciences.  The UMBC Atmospheric Physics program has contributed significantly to that recognition.In addition to 5 tenured/tenure-track faculty, there are 10 faculty affiliated with the Physics Department through JCET, an additional 9 JCET faculty affiliated in other departments on campus and 3 adjunct faculty (one each from NASA Goddard, NOAA NESDIS, and Howard University).  Typically, half of the Atmospheric Physics graduate students are supported by affiliated or adjunct research faculty.

For more information, please visit webpages for the individual Atmospheric Physics research groups, the Atmospheric Physics Graduate Program webpage, and the webpage for JCET.

Faculty with Research Interests in Atmospheric Physics:

Belay Demoz
Dr. Belay Demoz
J. Vanderlei Martins
Dr. J. Vanderlei Martins
Research Group
Lynn Sparling
Dr. Lynn Sparling
L. Larrabee Strow
Dr. L. Larrabee Strow
Pengwang Zhai
Dr. Pengwang Zhai
Zhibo Zhang
Dr. Zhibo Zhang