Undergraduate Degree Programs

Prospective Undergraduates
UMBC offers the following undergraduate programs.

Please refer to the links below to learn more about each program and the associated degree requirements.

arrow_link BS in Physics  (including an Honors option)
arrow_link BA in Physics Education
arrow_link BS/MS in Physics
arrow_link Minor in Physics
arrow_link Minor in Astrophysics

All freshmen and transfer students are strongly encouraged to contact the Physics department as soon as possible prior to registering. There is a special faculty advisor for freshmen and new students.

After their first year, all Physics majors are assigned a permanent physics faculty academic advisor until graduation. Students should discuss their course options before the start of each semester. In addition to following each student’s academic progress, the faculty advisor is available to discuss subjects such as career goals, summer internships, and opportunities for graduate study.

The course options are for guidance only. Your advisor may suggest alternatives to better suit your particular circumstances.