Colloquium Schedule


Date Spring 2024 – Colloquium Information
Jan. 29, 2024 Dr. Jiang-Xiazi Lin | Brown University
Title: Exploring emergent quantum phases in two-dimensional flat band systems
Jan. 31, 2024 Dr. Shua Sanchez | MIT
Title: Quantum criticality, nematicity, and field-induced superconductivity in iron-based superconductors
Feb. 7, 2024 Dr. Trevor Arp | University of California Santa Barbara
Title: Revealing the Hidden Lives of Excitons

Feb. 9, 2024

Dr. Geoffrey Diederich | University of Washington
Title: CrSBr: A New Platform for Opto-Magnonics
Feb. 12, 2024  Dr. Dacen Waters | University of Washington
Title: A new twist on graphite: correlated, topological, and “mixed-dimensional” physics in moiré systems
Feb. 14, 2024  Dr. Sivan Trajtenberg Mills | MIT
Title: High speed spatial light modulators for quantum control
Feb. 16, 2024  Dr. Biswajit Datta | The City College of New York
Title: Topological Electronic Transport and Hybrid Light–Matter States in quantum materials
Feb. 19, 2024  Dr. Toshihiko Shimasaki | University of California Santa Barbara
Title: Tabletop quantum science with laser-cooled atoms and molecules
Feb. 21, 2024  Dr. Daniel Suarez-Forero | Joint Quantum Institute, University of Maryland
Title: Many-body physics and light-matter interaction in two-dimensional systems
Feb. 23, 2024 Dr. Geoffrey Diederich | University of Washington
Title: CrSBr: A New Platform for Opto-Magnonics
Feb. 26, 2024  Dr. Hebin Li | Florida International University
Title: Exploring Many-Body Physics with Single Quantum Entities for Quantum Information Science
Feb. 28, 2024  Dr. Victoria Xu | MIT Kavli Institute
Title: Expanding our gravitational view of the Universe with quantum interferometry
Mar. 27, 2024 Dr. Ziwen Huang | Superconducting Quantum Materials and Systems (SQMS) Center
Title: Tackling noise in superconducting qubits
Apr. 1, 2024 Dr. Fabio Anza | University of Trieste, Italy (ITA)
Title: Complex Quantum Systems: Tackling the Frontier of our Quantum Knowledge
Apr. 3, 2024 Dr. Jose D’Incao | University of Colorado
Title: The complex nature of few-atom interactions: the physics of forbidden molecules
Apr. 8, 2024 Dr. Yanzhu Chen | Virginia Tech
Title: Moving the barrier to practical quantum computing on two fronts
Apr. 10, 2024 Dr. Aaron Friedman | University of Colorado Boulder
Title: How much can measurements speed up quantum information processing?
Apr. 17, 2024 Dr. Erin May | JHU APL
Title: In Their JWST Era: Searching for Atmospheres on Planets of All Sizes
Apr. 24, 2024 Dr. Willeke Mulder | Leiden Observatory
Title: Detecting bio-signatures of the Earth, as if it was an Exoplanet: Building a snapshot full-stokes spectropolarimeter to search for life on Earth
May 1, 2024 Dr. Anna-Christina Eilers | MIT
Title: The Formation and Growth of Supermassive Black Holes
May 8, 2024 Dr. Zhongzhou Chen | University of Central Florida
Title: Towards better measurement of student learning outcomes using Data mining and Large Language Models