Quantum Optics & Quantum Information

Quantum OpticsThe department is making pioneering contributions at the frontiers of the most fundamental description of nature known to science: quantum physics.

We unpack the implications of this elegant and surprising description with both experimental and theoretical research on quantum communication, quantum computing, quantum imaging, quantum control, quantum measurement, and quantum thermodynamics.

Our core expertise is in linear optical quantum elements, quantum entanglement, nonlocal interferometry, nanophotonics, nonequilibrium open quantum dynamics, spin-qubit quantum computing, and fundamentals of quantum information. The department currently holds several fully equipped quantum optics laboratories with numerous laser systems, single-photon counters, high-speed electronics, and computerized data acquisition systems.

Faculty with Research Interests in Quantum Optics and Quantum Information:

Fabio Anzà
Dr. Fabio Anzà
Sebastian Deffner
Dr. Sebastian Deffner
Quantum Thermodynamics Group
Geoffrey Diederich
Dr. Geoffrey Diederich
James Franson
Dr. James Franson
Quantum Information Group
Jason Kestner
Dr. Jason Kestner
Kestner Group
Matthew Pelton
Dr. Matthew Pelton
Laboratory for Optical Studies of Nanoscale Physics
Todd Pittman
Dr. Todd Pittman
Quantum Information Group
Yanhua Shih
Dr. Yanhua Shih
Quantum Optics Laboratory