Quantum Optics & Quantum Information

Quantum OpticsThe department’s research in quantum optics and quantum information ranges from fundamental investigations of the quantum nature of light, to applied topics in quantum information processing.

There are currently research efforts focused on the basic physics of quantum imaging and quantum lithography, as well as nonlocal effects, quantum entanglement and violations of Bell’s inequalities and tests of special relativity. In addition, there is an emphasis on the development of quantum logic devices for an optical approach to quantum computing and quantum communication systems.

Our research in these areas is strengthened by a long history of pioneering work in the use of parametric down-conversion, nonlocal interferometery and ghost imaging. Members of the UMBC faculty are engaged in both theoretical and experimental research, and the department holds several fully equipped quantum optics laboratories with numerous laser systems, single-photon counters, high-speed electronics and computerized data acquisition systems.

Faculty with Research Interests in Quantum Optics and Quantum Information:

James Franson
Dr. James Franson
Quantum Information Group
Sebastian Deffner
Dr. Sebastian Deffner
Quantum Thermodynamics Group
Jason Kestner
Dr. Jason Kestner
Kestner Group
Matthew Pelton
Dr. Matthew Pelton
Laboratory for Optical Studies of Nanoscale Physics
Todd Pittman
Dr. Todd Pittman
Quantum Information Group
Yanhua Shih
Dr. Yanhua Shih
Quantum Optics Laboratory