Matthew Pelton

Matthew Pelton-bio
Contact Information


Department Chair


Ph.D. Applied Physics – Stanford University, 2002
B.A.Sc. Engineering Science – University of Toronto, 1996

Previous Experience

Before coming to UMBC, I was a scientist in the Center for Nanoscale Materials at Argonne National Laboratory. After graduate school, I had a brief postdoctoral appointment at the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, and a longer postdoc at the University of Chicago.

Professional Interests

The Pelton lab uses optical techniques to experimentally probe the dynamical processes that occur when light interacts with materials on the nanometer scale. Our research contributes to a fundamental understanding of the unique physical phenomena that occur on the nanoscale, with the overarching goals of (1) providing insight into how macroscopic phenomena arise from interactions among individual atoms and molecules, and (2) enabling future technologies in classical and quantum information processing, solar energy conversion, and sensing.