Colloquium Schedule – Spring 2020

Date Spring 2020 – Colloquium Information
Feb 5, 2020 Title: The Fluid Dynamics of Hurricanes: Measurement, Theory and Modeling
Dr. Stephen Guimond
Feb 12, 2020 Title: Puzzling out aerosol-cloud interactions in low level clouds with process level numerical modeling
Dr. Takanobu Yamaguchi,
Feb 19, 2020 Title:Understanding the physical drivers of the large-scale atmospheric circulation to improve projections of regional climate change

Dr. Robert Jnglin- Wills

Feb 26, 2020 Title: The Gordian Knot of aerosol-cloud interactions: insight from global climate models
Dr. Daniel McCoy
Mar 4, 2020 Title: Complex networks, dynamical systems and atmospheric physics
Dr. Henrique Barbosa
Mar 11, 2020 Title: When stars go nonlinear: large amplitude tides and stellar oscillations
Dr. Nevin Weinberg
Mar 18, 2020 Spring Break – No Colloquium
Mar 25, 2020 Title: Maxwell’s Demon, Schrodinger’s Cat, and Broca’s Brain: Gate keepers to the Future of Computing
Dr. Sadasivan Shankar, Harvard University
Apr 1, 2020 Title:
Dr. Zhiyue Lu
Apr 8, 2020 Title:
Dr. Jeffrey C Grossman
April 15, 2020 Title:
Dr.Fabian Menges, University of Colorado
April 22, 2020 Title:
Dr. Sefaattin Tongay
April 29, 2020 Title:
Dr. Elif Ertekin
May 6, 2020 Title:
Dr. Ralph Chamberlin