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Inventory Control Forms

Departmental Responsibility to Communicate with Inventory Control:

Each department will be responsible for notifying the Inventory Control section of any changes in the physical location of equipment by completing the appropriate form approved by the department chairperson and then forwarding the form to the Inventory Control section. A brief description of each form is listed below:

A. UMBC Inventory Adjustment Form
This form must be used whenever equipment is transferred to another department, is missing, stolen, or if a correction is needed for the account charged. If equipment is transferred, the chairperson for both of the departments transferring the equipment and the department receiving the equipment must sign the form. If equipment is missing or stolen, a copy of the police report must be attached.

B. UMBC Property Disposition Form
This form must be used for disposal, relocation, temporary storage, sale or donation to an approved non-profit organization. The Inventory Control section coordinates all disposals. Departments cannot dispose or sell any equipment without the approval from the campus Plant Fund Accounting.

C. Equipment Location Change Form
This form must be used when equipment is permanently relocated within the same department.

D. Off Campus Equipment Authorization Form
This form must be completed, signed by the department chairperson, and forwarded to the Inventory Control section before taking equipment off campus. The anticipated return date must be stated and can not exceed 24 months. The borrower will be required to bring the item back to campus during the physical inventory for verification.

E. Inventory Addition Form
This form must be used to notify Inventory Control about equipment that is purchased with P-Cards “credit cards” or equipment that is fabricated. Fabricated Equipment is equipment that is built by the department that costs $5000+. The department’s Property Custodian is responsible for notifying Inventory Control about the existence of the fabricated equipment. Inventory Control will assign UMBC Tags to the equipment. The department should forward a completed Inventory Addition Form, Invoice and a copy of the entry to reallocate the purchase to Inventory Control.

For more information, please visit the Plant Accounting & Inventory Control Website: