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Physics Cleanroom

Welcome to the UMBC Physics Department Cleanroom webpage! The Cleanroom can provide consulting, design, and fabrication services to UMBC, non-profits and commercial users. In addition, qualified individuals can become Independent users.


Contact & Location Information:
• Manager – Erik Crowe
• Phone – 410-455-6342
• Email –
• Office location – Physics Dept., Room 210
• Cleanroom location – Physics Dept., Room 404A


How to Become an Independent User:
Independent Users have to complete the following:

  1. Contact Erik Crowe.
  2. Pass the following Online safety courses found through the Environmental Health and Safety website:
    a. UMBC Lab Safety (University Mandatory)
    b. PPE (All Personnel)
    c. Hazard Communication Part 1 & 2 (All Personnel)
    d. UMBC Clean Room Safety (All Personnel)
    e. RCRA Hazardous Waste Awareness (Personnel working with Hazardous materials)
    f. Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety (Personnel working with compressed gas cylinders)
  3. Participate in General Cleanroom Safety Training.
  4. Once your fabrication needs are understood, specific equipment training will occur.


Environmental Health and Safety Training
Projects fabricated in the Department – coming soon!


Equipment: – coming soon!