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PhD Defense: Thomas Smith

Friday, April 23, 2021
10:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Off Campus : via WebEx
ADVISOR: Dr. Yanhua Shih

TITLE: Advances in the Study of Two-photon Interferometry: From Turbulence-free Interferometers to X-ray Ghost Microscopes

ABSTRACT: Two-photon interference present in thermal light has led to some interesting applications in interferometers and imaging techniques. Here we present work in developing two separate applications of two-photon interference: turbulence-free interferometers and X-ray ghost microscopes. The turbulence-free interferometers discussed achieve “path overlap” of the two-photon amplitudes, resulting in the cancellation of the contributions of turbulence, i.e. turbulence-free. This mechanism was recently demonstrated in the form of the two-photon double-slit interferometer and also proposed in a new type of turbulence-free, two-photon optical beats interferometer that will likely have practical applications such as turbulence-free gravitational-wave detection. We also present work on X-ray ghost imaging. Unlike true, diffraction-limited point-to-point imaging (such as imaging with a lens), projection-based imaging is more comparable to the formation of a shadow. While still extremely useful, this type of imaging lacks the full resolving power one might expect with high-energy (short-wavelength) X rays. We present the theoretical potential of nanometer resolution in the form of diffraction-limited point-to-point imaging achievable with X-ray ghost imaging; namely, the X-ray ghost microscope. These contributions to the field of quantum optics provide an intriguing look into the fundamental nature of light and will allow for nontraditional, practical applications.

Defense will be held using WebEx.