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Colloquium Schedule

Unless stated otherwise, all seminars will be held on Wednesdays at 3:30pm in the Physics building, Room 401. UMBC Campus Visitor Parking meters are located in The Commons Drive Garage across the street from the Physics Building.

Date Fall 2017 – Colloquium Information
Sept. 6, 2017 Title: TBA
Dr. Paul Newman, NASA Goddard
Sept. 13, 2017 Title: TBA
Dr. Joseph Silk, Johns Hopkins University
Sept. 20, 2017 Title: TBA
Dr. Cullen Blake, University of Pennsylvania
Sept. 27, 2017 Understanding the Dynamics and Predictability of Hurricanes: Measurement, Theory and Modeling
Dr. Stephen R. Guimond, Goddard Space Flight Ctr
Oct. 4, 2017 One Law To Rule Them All: The Radial Acceleration Relation of Galaxies
Dr. Stacy McGaugh, Case Western Reserve Univ
Oct. 11, 2017 Title: TBA
Dr. Barry Sanders, University of Calgary
Oct. 18, 2017 Realizing Feynman’s dream of a quantum computer with trapped ions
Dr. James Freericks, Georgetown University
Oct. 25, 2017 Title: TBA
Dr. Krister Shalm, NIST
Nov. 1, 2017 Soft Optoelectronics Technologies for Neuroscience Research
Dr. John Rogers, Northwestern University
Nov. 8, 2017 Title: TBA
Dr. Kater Murch, Washington Univ in St. Louis
Nov. 15, 2017 Title: TBA
Dr. Scott Barrows, University of Colorado
Nov. 22, 2017 No Colloquium
Nov. 29, 2017 High-Energy Neutrino Astrophysics with the IceCube Observatory
Dr. Marcos Santander
Dec. 6, 2017 Title: TBA
Dr. Scot T. Martin, Harvard University