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Graduate Financial Support

Financial SupportGraduate teaching and research assistantships as well as graduate fellowships are available to all qualified candidates in both the Physics and Atmospheric Physics Programs.

Most first-year graduate students admitted to the Programs in the Department receive a teaching assistantship that pays a stipend that is equivalent to stipends paid at other major research universities across the country. In addition, health care insurance is provided and students receive tuition remission for the classes they attend.

In subsequent years, most graduate students in the Physics Department transition to research assistantships that pay stipend, health benefits, and tuition remission. Our research programs are well supported by NASA, NSF, DOD, industry, etc. (UMBC is the second largest recipients of NASA funding.); and the graduate research assistantships are supported by these programs.

National and University fellowships may also be obtained, and more information on funding opportunities can be found by visiting UMBC’s Graduate School website.