Colloquium Schedule – Fall 2020


Date Fall 2020 – Colloquium Information
Sep 2nd, 2020 Title: Stratocumulus in a box: Resolving “sub-grid-scale” aerosol-cloud interactions in a convection-cloud chamber
Dr. Raymond Shaw
Sep 9th, 2020 NO COLLOQUIUM
Sep 16th, 2020 Title: Programmable bioinspired fiber based artificial muscle
Dr. Mehmet Kanik
Sep 23rd, 2020 Title: Optoelectronics based on colloidal nanocrystals
Dr. Evren Mutlugun
Sep 30th, 2020 Title: Ion beams as a materials science tool for nanoelectronics and beyond
Dr. Lyudmila Goncharova
Oct 7th, 2020 Title: A tale of two studies: monolayer diboron dinitride and logistic cellular automata
Dr. Seymur Cahangirov
Oct 14th, 2020 Title: Machine-Learning X-Ray Absorption Spectra to Quantitative Accuracy
Dr. Mehmet Topsakal
Oct 21st, 2020 Title: Optical Microresonators: From Viral Sensors to Space Research
Dr. Erol Ozgur
Oct 28th, 2020 Title: Advancing ultra-wide band gap materials research via 3D chemical imaging
Dr. Baishakhi Mazumder
Nov 4th, 2020 Title: Quantum Measurement and Control of a Mechanical Resonator
Dr. David Mason
Nov 11th, 2020 Title: Current and Future Cloud Brightening from Ships in Subtropical Low Clouds
Dr. Robert Wood
Nov 18th, 2020 Title: World of aggregates modeled with T-matrix technique
Dr. Ludmilla Kolokolova
Dec 2nd, 2020 Title: An Ab Initio Approach to Predicting and Controlling Quantum Systems Dr. Prineha Narang
Dec 9th, 2020 Title: “Atomistic Insights into Safer Water, Cleaner Energy, and New Materials from Density Functional Theory”
Dr. Joseph Bennet