Colloquium Schedule – Spring 2017

Date Spring 2017 – Colloquium Information
Feb. 1, 2017 No Colloquium
Feb. 8, 2017 Hartwin Peelaers
Fundamental limits on optical transparency of transparent conducting oxides
Feb. 15, 2017 Khang Hoang
Defect physics as key to understanding functional materials
Feb. 22, 2017 Can Ataca
Materials for Energy and Sustainability: A Multidimensional Approach
Mar. 1, 2017 Zhigang Wu
Quantum mechanical simulations of dynamics of electronic excitations in nanoscale materials assemblies
Mar. 8, 2017 Guangfu Lou
Atomic-level control over the growth and defects of functional materials
Mar. 15, 2017
Dr. Steven G. Ackleson
Mar. 22, 2017 SPRING BREAK
Mar. 29, 2017 Kurt Jacobs
Exploring open quantum systems beyond master equations
Apr 5, 2017 Nadia L. Zakamska
Black hole feedback
Apr. 12, 2017 Heidi Dierssen
Ocean Color Remote Sensing: Understanding Sources of Light Scattering in the Southern Ocean
Apr. 19, 2017 Michael Goerz
Optimal Control for Entangling Quantum Gates
Apr. 26, 2017 Kirk D. Knobelspiesse
Multi-angle polarimetry: the once and future king (of aerosol remote sensing)
May 3, 2017 Barbara Balestra, Inst of Marine Sciences, University of California Santa Cruz
The use of the phytoplanktonic group coccolithophore as climate proxy: insight from the IODP Expedition 339
May 10, 2017 2017 Joseph F. Mulligan Memorial Lecture
Presented by Natalie DeNigris
The Experiences of Japanese Physicists during World War II