Colloquium Schedule – Spring 2023

Date Spring 2023 – Colloquium Information
Feb 1, 2023 Dr. Alaina Green | University of MD, College Park
Title: Novel Applications and Noise-enabled Control for a Trapped-ion Quantum Computer
Feb 8, 2023 Dr. Adi Foord | Stanford University | Kavli Institute of Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology (KIPAC)
Title: Probing Supermassive Black Hole Growth Across Cosmic Time
Feb 13, 2023 Dr. Vladimir Zhdankin | Center for Computational Astrophysics | Flatiron Institute
Title: Toward a first-principles theory of astrophysical particle acceleration by turbulence
Feb 15, 2023 Dr. Kun Wang | Mississippi State University
Title: Probing and Controlling Quantum Transport and Energy Conversion at the Molecular Scale
Feb 20, 2023 Dr. Mohammed ElKabbash | MIT Quantum Photonics Lab
Title: Enabling quantum technologies through nanophotonics
Feb 22, 2023 Dr. Kristen Dage | McGill University
Title: Ultraluminous X-ray Sources in Extragalactic Globular Clusters
Feb 27, 2023 Dr. Shan Wu | University of California | Berkeley
Title: Magnetic switching resistance materials
March 1, 2023 Dr. Melanie Habouzit | MPIA & GLIESE Postdoctoral Fellow
Title: Constraining the origins of massive black holes
March 9, 2023 Dr. Arash Bahramian | Curtin University
Title: Black holes lurking in our Galaxy – bridging the gap from theory to observations
March 13, 2023 Dr. Yi Lin | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Title: Photoelectron eyes on equilibrium and light-driven quantum materials
March 22, 2023 No Colloquium: Spring Break Week
April 12, 2023 Dr. Todd Pittman | UMBC
Title: Entangled Photons win the Nobel Prize!
April 19, 2023 Dr. Sang-Hyun Oh | University of Minnesota
Title: Pushing the Limits of Nanofabrication for Next-Generation Sensing and Imaging
April 26, 2023 Dr. Michael Twardowski | Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute | FAU
Title: Exploring physics-based algorithms for the NASA PACE mission
May 3, 2023 Dr. William I. Gustafson Jr. | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Title: The LASSO Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) Activity for Understanding Clouds and the Boundary Layer: Enabling Research through LES Ensembles for the Community
May 10, 2023 Dr. Yuan Wang | Purdue University
Title: Toward Improving Black Carbon Simulations and Constraining Its Radiative Forcing by Combining Field Observations and Climate models