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Physics Department Keys

Key Distribution Guidelines:

1. Only Faculty and Staff can request keys.

2. If a Graduate or Undergraduate student attempts to request keys, the request will be denied.

3. Once the key order is placed, accepted and processed, the Key Requester and the Key Holder will receive an email. The Key Holder can then pick up his/her keys from Stacey Tignall in room 220.

4. The Key Holder is now responsible for his/her assigned key. Do not exchange or transfer keys.

5. If a key is lost, stolen, broken, etc., the Key Holder must fill out a Lost, Stolen, Broken, or Other Key ticket. A replacement will be given to the Key Holder.

6. When a Key Holder no longer has a need for a key, please email Erik Crowe and return all keys to his mailbox.

If there are any special requests, please contact Erik Crowe at ext. 5-6342 or