Physics Department Keys

Key Distribution Guidelines:

1. Only Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students can request keys.

2. For undergraduates to obtain a key faculty must request on their behalf.

3. To request a key simply email David House (email below) with the name of the key holder, and the room number of the requested key.

4. The Key Holder is now responsible for his/her assigned key. Do not exchange or transfer keys.

5. If a key is lost, stolen, broken, etc. the key holder should email David House for a replacement.

6. When a key holder no longer has a need for a key, please email David House and return all keys to the key return box located in the Main Office (Room 220). Place all keys in an envelope with your name written on the front. Small brown envelopes are provided next to the key return box.

If there are any special requests, please contact David House at 410-455-1941 or