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PhD Proposal: Nathan Myers

Tuesday, December 3, 2019
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Physics : 401
ADVISOR: Dr. Sebastian Deffner

TITLE: Thermodynamic Supremacy of Quantum Information Engines

ABSTRACT: The development of quantum computers, communication systems, and sensors is predicted to significantly alter the technological landscape and is the focus of numerous international research initiatives. Quantum devices leverage non-classical correlations to outperform their classical counterparts. This “quantum advantage” arises from taking advantage of additional resources for information processing provided by quantum correlations. Classical thermodynamics informs us that information processing is subject to thermodynamic costs, most notably in terms of Landauer’s principle that provides the minimum entropy cost to erase a single bit. However, the classical thermodynamic arguments used to determine these costs are not well understood in quantum systems. A consistent formulation of quantum thermodynamics is necessary to understand how these costs apply in quantum devices. This proposal details a research plan for developing a fundamental understanding of the thermodynamic costs of information processing in quantum systems through the analysis of quantum engines.