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PhD Proposal: Akram Touil

Monday, October 26, 2020
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Off Campus : via WebEx
ADVISOR: Dr. Sebastian Deffner

TITLE: From Black Holes to Quantum Computers: The Universality of Information Dynamics

ABSTRACT: Establishing a thermodynamic cost due to the manipulation and processing of information led to Landauer's famous statement “information is physical”. This thermodynamic view of information hints at a more fundamental underlying concept: the physicality of quantum information. However, a consistent framework to probe the physical nature of information in quantum systems is still lacking. In fact, in order to move closer towards a universal physical description of quantum information, clear links need to be made between the dynamics of quantum information and various physical concepts: emergence of classicality, foundations of statistical mechanics and thermalization, information processing in black holes and quantum computers, etc. This proposal details a research plan for developing a fundamental understanding of major concepts in physics through information dynamics, with emphasis on a quantum thermodynamics perspective.

Proposal will be held using WebEx.