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PhD Proposal: Hannah Seppala


Physics : 401

Date & Time

March 4, 2024, 10:00 am11:00 am


ADVISOR: Dr. Zhibo Zhang

TITLE: Microphysical Properties of Clouds in Marine Cold Air Outbreaks

ABSTRACT: Arctic marine cold air outbreaks play a major role in the global climate. They transfer heat from the ocean to the atmosphere, which plays a major role in oceanic circulations. They also have a strong radiative effect, and can generate strong polar cyclones. There are currently ongoing efforts in both field measurements and modelling to better understand and represent these events. However, they are difficult to represent in global climate models due to their subgrid-scale variations and strong transitions in cloud micro- and macrophysical properties. I will use satellite data in order to bridge the gap between field measurements and modelling, to create a better understanding of these events. In particular, I will focus on two transitions. The first is the macro-scale transition from quasi-two-dimensional cloud streets to mesoscale cellular convection, and the second is the transition of micro-scale cloud properties such as phase and droplet concentration. Here, I present four analyzed cases and my plans to continue this research.