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Colloquium: Dr. Fabio Anza | University of Trieste, Italy

In-Person PHYS 401


Physics : 401

Date & Time

April 1, 2024, 11:00 am12:00 pm


TITLE:  "Complex Quantum Systems: Tackling the Frontier of our Quantum Knowledge”

ABSTRACT: As the 21st century unfolds, quantum physics and information theory continue to increase their impact on science and modern technology. Today, the frontier of our current knowledge is made by Complex Quantum Systems: many-body, out-of-equilibrium, open quantum systems interacting with highly structured environments. From gauge theories to complex molecules and quantum devices, understanding and controlling their information processing capabilities is a formidable task that lies at the interface of both technological progress and fundamental science. Therein lie several challenges, old and new, that will benefit from a new perspective and a brand-new set of tools. In this Colloquium I will introduce Conditional Ensembles, a new way to study quantum systems that includes microscopic information about their environment. After introducing and discussing the significance of this new approach, I will give a bird’s-eye- view of the recent results achieved using this framework, and outline my future research trajectory, aimed at synthesizing a new understanding of how quantum information is structured and processed in complex quantum systems.