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Colloquium: Dr. Erin May | JHU Applied Physics Laboratory.

In-Person PHYS 401


Physics : 401

Date & Time

April 17, 2024, 11:00 am12:00 pm


TITLE:  "In Their JWST Era: Searching for Atmospheres on Planets of All Sizes”

ABSTRACT: As with many subfields of astrophysics, the successful launch and commissioning of JWST has revolutionized the study of exoplanet atmospheres. In this talk I will put our current state of knowledge of exoplanet atmospheres into context with historic Solar System observations and discuss the new dynamical and atmospheric regimes we’re now sensitive to since the launch of JWST. I will present multi-instrument JWST results on the atmosphere of a gaseous hot Jupiter, compared to previous observations with Hubble and Spitzer, as well as work searching for atmospheres on rocky exoplanets orbiting M-dwarfs with an eye towards the characterization of habitable worlds — a regime truly not accessible until JWST began operations. Finally, I will highlight some of the other transiting exoplanet observations from JWST and the new ground they are and will continue to break.