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Congrats to our new PhD Candidates!

November 11, 2016 4:01 PM
Congratulations to our grad students who have advanced into PhD Candidacy over the past year:

Peter Breiding, "Testing the IC/CMB model of extended X-ray emission for large scale quasar jets with the Fermi/LAT"
  Mentor: Dr. Meyer

Richard Brewster, "Amplification of entanglement"
  Mentor: Dr. Franson

Haixu Leng, "Discrete metal-semiconductor nanoparticle assemblies for controlled plasmon-exciton coupling"
  Mentor: Dr. Pelton

Lipi Mukherjee, "Radiative properties of oceanic particles"
  Mentor: Dr. Zhai

Peter, Ricky, Haixu, and Lipi were honored at the Graduate School's Annual PhD Candidates Ceremony on November 10, 2016.