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Alum Nathan Kurtz & Chris Shuman featured in TIME article

February 15, 2018 9:52 AM
In the Jan 29, 2018 (Vol 191 No 3 issue of Time) Nathan Kurtz (JCET/UMBC; PhD 2012 and Chris Shuman (JCET/GES) describe the data acquired as part of the aircraft based IceBridge mission into the Arctic Sea ice. Nathan is the project scientist for IceBridge. “NASA’s IceBridge mission fills that gap. Established in 2009, IceBridge is an annual series of flights over both polar regions, surveying the state of the ice with a suite of instruments including laser altimeters, radars, magneto­meters and gravimeters.”

Time Article link:
The Great Crack-Up By JEFFREY KLUGER

For more on Operation Icebridge

Nathan Kurtz

Chris Shuman

Drs. Nathan Kurtz (JCET/PHYS Alum) and Chris Shuman (JCET/GES) are extensively quoted in this article.

Photo by Nathan Kurtz.