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Congratulations to our new PhD Candidates!

Congratulations to our grad students who have advanced into PhD Candidacy over the past year:

Atmospheric Physics Program
Achala Wickramasuriya Denagamage, Mentor – Dr. Zhibo Zhang
"Evaluation of Low-Cloud and Warm Rain Simulations in CMIP6 Models Through Comparison with Satellite and Ground-Based Observations"

Kylie Hoffman, Mentor – Dr. Belay Demoz
"Investigating the Role of Boundary Layer Convergence on Elevated Convection and Transport Dynamics in the Southern Great Plains During the Warm Season"

Jianyu Zheng, Mentor – Dr. Zhibo Zhang
"The Retrieval of Thermal Infrared Optical Depth of Dust Aerosols through Combining IIR and CALIOP Observations"

Physics Program
Charity-Grace Chaney, Mentor – Dr. Can Ataca
"Simulating Li-ion Batteries and Beyond: Developing Electrode Materials for Next-Generation Batteries"

Nimarta Kaur Chowdhary, Mentor – Dr. Theodosia Gougousi
"Investigation of the Optical Properties of Transition Metal Oxide Thin Films Grown by Atomic Layer Deposition"

Rachel Gelfand, Mentor – Dr. Matthew Pelton
"Resolving the Dynamics of Solid-Liquid Interfaces on the Nanoscale using Colloidal Noble Metal Nanoparticles"

Agniva Roy Chowdhury, Mentor – Dr. Eileen Meyer
"Mapping the Velocity Fields of Extragalactic Jets from Parsec to Kiloparsec Scales"

Akram Touil, Mentor – Dr. Sebastian Deffner
"From Black Holes To Quantum Computers: The Universality of Information Dynamics"

All were honored at the Graduate School's Annual PhD Candidates Ceremony on October 15, 2021.

Posted: October 19, 2021, 11:14 AM