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Dr. Pelton is participating in two new collaborative grants.

Dr. Matthew Pelton is an investigator in two newly funded multi-university collaborations bridging nanoscience and quantum information.

Dr. Pelton is participating in the new NSF Center for Integration of Optoelectronic Materials on Demand (IMOD) https://imod-stc.org. This new Science and Technology Center, hosted by the University of Washington, has the missions of transforming conventional and quantum optoelectronics through the development of atomically-precise semiconductor materials and scalable manufacturing processes, and educating a diverse generation of scientists and engineers to lead the U.S. to technological prominence through convergent team-based collaboration across traditional disciplinary and organizational interfaces. Dr. Pelton’s group will work with other scientists in the center to demonstrate the feasibility of employing solution-grown nanomaterials for scalable quantum photonic technology.

Dr. Pelton is also a co-PI in a new project, funded by the AFOSR and hosted by the University of Colorado, with the goal of quantum coherent control of electronic transitions and of vibrational quanta in single molecules at room temperature, through strong quantum-mechanical coupling to the optical field in engineered optical pico-cavities.

Posted: October 19, 2021, 12:10 PM