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Congratulations to our new PhD Candidates!

Congratulations to our graduate students who have advanced into PhD Candidacy over the past year:

Atmospheric Physics Program
Adeleke Segun Ademakinwa,
Advisor: Zhibo Zhang
"Can biased cloud retrievals due to the 3-D radiative effects provide reasonable radiative energy estimates? A closure study based on satellite observations and radiative transfer simulations"

Kamal Aryal,
Advisor: Pengwang Zhai
"Efficient retrieval of aerosol and ocean water properties from multiangle polarimetric measurements over coastal waters using Neural network"

Emily Faber,
Advisor: Adriana Rocha Lima
"Impacts of Surface Winds on Dust Emissions: Comparison of Measurements and Models to Improve Model Parameterization and Further Understanding of Sub- Grid Processes"

Maurice Roots,
Advisor: Belay Demoz
"Dynamics and Chemical Processes within Coastal Domains: Synergy of surface, profiling, and column datasets for air quality science"

Physics Program
Carson Evans,
Advisor: Todd Pittman
"Experimental Storage of Entangled Photons in Cyclical Quantum Memories"

Akram Ibrahim,
Advisor: Can Ataca
"Understanding Growth of Low-dimensional Materials using Multi-scale Modeling and Machine Learning"

Binod Joshi,
Advisor: Yanhua Shih
"Two-photon Beats of Thermal State with Broadband Spectrum"

David Kanaar,
Advisor: Jason Kestner
"Quantum control in silicon qubits in the presence of errors and physical constraints"

All were honored at the Graduate School's Annual PhD Candidates Ceremony on October 21, 2022.

Posted: October 24, 2022, 11:07 AM