Daniel Gonzales

Daniel Gonzales
Contact Information
Physics, Rm 324




Ph.D. Physics – University of California San Diego, 2023
M.S. Physics – University of California San Diego, 2022
B.S. Physics with a Specialization in Astrophysics – University of California San Diego, 2014

Professional Interests

Teaching is my true calling. Guiding students through the intricate web of principles and theories related to physics and astronomy, I aim to make the subject approachable and captivating. My lectures are more than just classroom sessions; they’re interactive explorations where we uncover the hidden treasures of the universe together. I believe that every student has the potential to grasp these concepts, and my role is to provide the guidance and support needed to make that happen.

Beyond the classroom, I’m a firm believer in the power of educational outreach. Collaborating with schools, community centers, and science events, I strive to make physics relatable and exciting for all ages. The joy of witnessing someone’s eyes light up as they grasp a new concept is truly rewarding and fuels my commitment to spreading scientific knowledge far and wide.

If you’re an educator, I extend a special invitation to reach out to me. If you have a need for an engaging and enlightening outreach event, I would be more than happy to collaborate and bring the wonders of physics to your students or participants. Together, we can create an unforgettable experience that sparks curiosity and inspires a lifelong love for learning.

One of my favorite ways to engage learners is through hands-on demonstrations that resemble toys more than traditional scientific experiments. These demonstrations not only simplify complex ideas but also make them memorable. By transforming everyday objects into tools of exploration, I hope to foster a genuine interest in the world of physics.

So, join me on this journey of discovery. Let’s explore the intricacies of the universe, and together, cultivate a sense of wonder that will stay with us long after our time together ends. I can’t wait to embark on this adventure with you!