Markos Georganopoulos

Markos Georganopoulos
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Associate Professor


Ph.D. Astronomy – Boston University 1999
M.S. Astronomy – Boston University 1991
B.A. Physics – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki 1989

Previous Experience

Dr. Georganopoulos was previously a National Research Council Fellow at NASA/Goddard (2002-2004) and a postdoctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institut für Kernpysik in Heidelberg (1999-2002).

Professional Interests

My research interests focus on understanding the physics and the broader role of relativistic outflows or jets, mainly in active galaxies. Relativistic jets are invariably connected to accretion onto black holes. The kinetic power can reach levels comparable to that of the accretion luminosity, and their relativistically beamed synchrotron and inverse Compton (IC) emission can extend up to TeV energies, indicating extremely efficient particle acceleration.
My most recent interest, and one of the main interests of the group, is the nature of the X-ray emission of the large-scale quasar jets detected by Chandra, NASA’s X-ray orbiting observatory. My work and that of my PhD students is being supported by NASA and NSF grants. To see more about our group work please go here.

Selected Publications

To see my publications please go here.