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Raymond M. Hoff

Raymond Hoff
Contact Information


Professor of Physics
Research Professor JCET


Ph.D. Physics – Simon Fraser University, Burnaby BC Canada 1975
A. B. Physics – University of California, Berkeley, CA 1970

Previous Experience

Dr. Hoff joined the Physics Department in 1999 after a 24 year career as a Research Scientist with Environment Canada.   After his Ph.D. in 1975, he held a post-doctoral fellowship with the Atmospheric Environment Service.  He held a position with Capilano College as an Instructor in 1975.

Dr. Hoff retired from the Physics Department in June 2013.

Professional Interests

My group works on methods to determine the optical properties of gases and aerosols in the lower atmosphere, using remote sensing and in-situ techniques.  Our focus is on air pollution transport, fate and impact in Baltimore and nationally.

Selected Publications

Plan for the implementation of the GAW Aerosol Lidar Observation Network (GALION), J. Bösenberg and R. M. Hoff, 2008. World Meteorological Report #178, WMO Geneva, Switzerland.

Influence of the ozone and water vapor on the GOES Aerosol and Smoke Product (GASP) retrieval. H.Zhang, R. Hoff, K. McCann, P. Ciren, S. Kondragunta, and A. Prados, 2008. NOAA Technical Report NESDIS 128, July 2008.

AIRS views of transport from 12-22 July 2004 Alaskan/Canadian fires: Correlation of AIRS CO and MODIS AOD with forward trajectories and comparison of AIRS CO retrievals with DC-8 in situ measurements during INTEX-A/ICARTT. W. W. McMillan, J. X. Warner, M. M. Comer, E. Maddy, A. Chu, L. Sparling, E. W. Eloranta, R. M. Hoff, G. Sachse, C. Barnet, I. A. Razenkov, and W. Wolf, , J. Geophys. Res., doi:10.1029/2007JD009711, in press 2008.

Estimating smoke emissions over the US Southern Great Plains using MODIS fire radiative power and aerosol observations. N. S. Jordan, C. Ichoku and R. M. Hoff, 2008. Atmos. Environ., 42, 2007-2022, doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2007.12.023.

Air Quality Forecast Verification using Satellite Data, S. Kondragunta, P. Lee, J. McQueen, C. Kittaka,  A. Prados, P. Ciren, I. Laszlo, B. Pierce, R. Hoff, J. Szykman, 2008. J. Appl. Met., 47,  425–442.

Improvement of Raman Lidar Algorithm for Quantifying Aerosol Extinction Felicita Russo, Belay Demoz, David Whiteman, Raymond Hoff, 2006., Appl. Opt. 45,7073-7088.

Integrating Lidar and Satellite Optical Depth with Ambient Monitoring for 3-Dimensional Particulate Characterization, Jill A. Engel-Cox, Raymond M. Hoff, Raymond Rogers, Fred Dimmick, Alan C. Rush, James J. Szykman, Jassim Al-Saadi, D. Allen Chu, and Erica R. Zell, 2006. Atmos. Environ. 40, 8056-8067.

Evidence of biomass burning impact on aerosols in the Lower Fraser Valley A. Leithead, S.-M. Li, R. Hoff, Y. Cheng and J. Brook, 2006. Levoglucosan and dehydroabietic acid:. Atmos. Environ., 40, 2721-2734.

GLAS Long-range Transport Observation of the 2003 California Forest Fire Plumes to the Northeastern US. R. M. Hoff, S. Palm, J. A. Engel-Cox,  and J. Spinhirne, 2005., Geophys. Res. Letts. 32, L22S08, doi:10.1029/2005GL023723.

Application of satellite remote sensing data for analysis of fine particulate matter transport events Jill A. Engel-Cox, Gregory S. Young and Raymond M. Hoff, 2005, J.A.W.M.A., 55, 1389-1397.

Science-Policy Data Contract Model: Use of Environmental Monitoring Data for Air Quality Policy J.A. Engel-Cox, and R. M. Hoff, 2005., Environ. Science and Policy, 8, 115-131.

Recommendations on the Use of Satellite Sensor Data for Urban Air Quality J. A. Engel-Cox, R.M. Hoff, and A.D.J. Haymet, 2004., J. A.W.M.A, 54, 1360-1371.

J. A. Engel-Cox, C. H. Holloman, B. W. Coutant,  and R. M. Hoff, 2004. Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of MODIS satellite sensor data for regional and urban scale air quality, Atmos. Environ. 38, 16, 2495-2509 doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2004.01.039.

P. Poli, C. O. Ao, J. Joiner, M. de la Torre Juarez, and R. M. Hoff, 2004. Evaluation of refractivity profiles from CHAMP and SAC-C GPS radio occultation, in Occultations for Probing Atmosphere and Climate, edited by G. Kirchengast, U. Foelsche, and A. K. Steiner, 375-382, Springer-Verlag, Berlin.

P. Poli, C. O. Ao, M. de la Torre Juárez, J. Joiner, G. A. Hajj, and R. M. Hoff, 2003.  Evaluation of CHAMP Radio Occultation Refractivity with Data Assimilation Office Analyses, Geophys. Rev. Letts., 30, 1800, doi:10.1029/2003GL017637.