L. Larrabee Strow

Larrabee Strow
Contact Information

Office: 410-455-2528
Physics, Room 432

Lab: 410-455-1935
Physics, Room 404E

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Research Professor of Physics


Ph.D. Physics – University of Maryland College Park, 1981
B.S. Physics – University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 1974

Previous Experience

After obtaining his B.S. degree from UMBC, Dr. Strow worked as an atmospheric physicist for 10 years at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight before returning to UMBC in 1984 as an Assistant Professor. He become a full Professor in 1998 and switched to Research Professor in 2006.

Professional Interests

My group focuses on remote sensing of the earth in the infrared using high spectral resolution satellite instruments. Our primary goal is to measure climate trends using NASA, NOAA, European, and Japanese satellites. To that end, Dr. Strow is a Science Team Member on NASA’s AQUA AIRS instrument, the NPOESS CrIS and EUMETSAT’s IASI suite of instruments, and the Japanese GOSAT greenhouse gas mission. We provide NASA and NOAA with the radiative transfer algorithms for the retrieval of geophysical variable using AIRS, IASI, and CrIS. Present research topics include measurements of atmospheric CO2 and dust in order to better understand their effects on climate change. We also actively contribute to the calibration of these satellite sensors.

Selected Publications

S. G. DeSouza-Machado, B. Imbiriba, K. McCann, L. Strow, R. Hoff,
S. Hannon, J. Martins, D. Tanre, J. Deuze, F. Ducos, and O. Torres,
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retrievals obtained using a synergy of AIRS, CALIPSO, and PARASOL
data,” submitted to Journal of Geophysical Research, Nov. 2008.

L. Strow, H. Motteler, and S. Hannon, “Pre-Launch Spectral Calibration
of the CrIS Sensor on NPOESS/NPP”, 2008 CALCON Technical Conference,
Logan, Utah, August 25-28, 2008.

L. Strow and S. Hannon, “Inter-Calibration of the AIRS and IASI
Operational Infrared Sensors”, 2008 CALCON Technical Conference, Logan,
Utah, August 25-28, 2008.

L. Strow and S. Hannon, “A 4-Year Zonal Climatology of
Lower-Tropospheric CO2 Derived from Ocean-only AIRS Observations”,
Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 113, D18302,
doi:10.1029/2007JD009713, 2008

A. Gambacorta, C. Barnet, B. Soden, and L. Strow, “An assessment of
the tropical humidity-temperature covariance using AIRS”, Geophysical
Research Letters, Vol. 35, L10814, doi:10.1029/2008GL033805, 2008.

R. Saunders, P. Rayer, P. Brunel, A. von Engeln, N. Bormann, L. Strow,
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DeSouza-Machado, L. L. Strow, S. E. Hannon, H. Motteler,
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Improving Weather Forecasting and Providing New Insights into Climate,
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, Vol 87, Issue 7, JDOI:
10.1175/BAMS-87-7-911, July 2006.

L. L. Strow, S. E. Hannon, S. DeSouza Machado, H. E. Motteler, and
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S. G. DeSouza-Machado, L. L. Strow, S. E. Hannon, and
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