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En-Shinn Wu

En-Shinn Wu
Contact Information


Associate Professor


PhD – Cornell  University, 1972
BS – National  Taiwan University, 1965

Previous Experience

Dr. Wu has been with the Physics Department, UMBC since 1974.  Prior to that he was a post-doc fellow and instructor at Syracuse University.   From 1975 to 1979 he was also a Senior Cancer Research Scientist at Roswell Park Institute.  Dr. Wu was a visiting faculty at  the University of North Carolina  Medical School (1983-84) and the Applied Physics Department, Cornell University (1999-2000).  Dr. Wu is a founding partner of Fluorescence Unlimited, Inc., Durham, North Caroline. Dr. Wu retired from the Physics Department in June 2012.

Professional Interests

The principal research interest in our laboratory is to study the dynamic behavior of macromolecules, with an aim to understand the matrix structures and the internal organization of polymers and biopolymers.  Our experimental approach is to measure the diffusion coefficient of fluorescently labeled molecules with the techniques of fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP) or fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS). Depending on sample configurations, experiments are performed using either single or multiphoton excitations in conjunction with a multiphoton confocal microscope.

The other areas of  research in our laboratory are dynamic light-scattering in polymer solutions, speckle correlation in bacteriorhodopsin-doped polymer films, multiphoton excitations in volume holography and 3-dimensional data storage, and two-photon lithography for microelectronic fabrications.

Selected Publications

E. S. Wu, J. H. Shibata and F. A. Wang, “Polymer Self-diffusion in NaI-Poly(ethylene Oxide) Electrolytes”, Polymer  33, 1014 (1992)

E. B. Brown, E. S. Wu, W. Zipfel and W. W. Webb, “Measurement of Molecular     Diffusion in Solution by Multiphoton Fluorescence Photobleaching Recovery”,Biophys. J77, 2837 (1999)

C. A. Khatri, G. Du,  E. S. Wu and F. A. Wang  “Focal Adhesions of Osteoblasts on
Poly(d,l-lactide)/Poly(vinyl alcohol), Measured with 2-photon Confocal Microscope.” Wld. Biomaterials, 7, 186 (2004)