Physics Building – COVID-19 procedures

Phase 1

General Guidelines

  • Safety remains the top priority for returning to work in the Physics building. All of the safety guidelines that usually apply must still be followed, with additional restrictions and precautions to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.
  • To access the Physics building during the Phase 1 of returning to research, time will be scheduled through this Google Calendar.
  • Please contact Erik Crowe ( and provide the following details: time expected in the building, if known, frequency of time in the building, room being accessed and the name of the person that will be in that room.
  • You are allowed to work only in the laboratory that you have specific authorization to work in. Offices, common spaces, etc. remain off limits.
  • You will be provided two links to auto-filled google forms. One link will be used for logging in and the other will be used for logging out. You should log in once you have arrived on campus and are still sitting in your vehicle, so you don’t have to handle your phone while in the department. Erik Crowe will verify that the scheduled users are properly logged in and out daily.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap upon getting to the floor where you will work.
  • Facilities Management will be placing hand pump sanitizers throughout the building.
  • Everyone will need to be cognizant of the fact that several groups will be in the building at the same time.  Faculty will provide specific safety and precaution instructions for each lab.
  • You must wear a face mask at all times inside the building, and maintain a 6-foot separation from other people, including in the hallways, restrooms, etc. Avoid using elevators if possible; if you must use the elevator, only one person should be inside at a time.
  • All disposable PPE should be disposed of in trashcans and put into the hallway for pick up daily by Housekeeping.
  • If you or anybody in your household experiences possible COVID-19 symptoms, has a positive coronavirus test, or has reason to believe that they have been exposed to the coronavirus, you must contact the Physics Department Chair immediately.
  • Please review the Physics Department’s Phase 1 – Back to Research Plan for more detailed building guidelines and laboratory diagrams.
  • These guidelines are subject to change, as we learn about effective procedures, and as we receive additional guidance from the university. Please check this page regularly for updates. Current information on the UMBC response to COVID-19 is available here.

Machine Shop Scheduling

  • Erik Crowe will be the only user of the Physics machine shop.
  • If someone needs him to machine parts, please email Erik to schedule a time. (
  • The user will order the material and have it delivered to PHYS 220 or leave the material outside PHYS 016.
  • Erik will be available to complete CAM work for parts needed to be machined on the CNC.  If you have the CAM for your part completed, please send Erik a .step file. (
  • Erik will disinfect the material, machine the part, and deliver the part outside the room where the requester is working at a mutually agreed upon time.
  • The user will clean and disinfect the part.

Cleanroom Scheduling

  • If you don’t have prior access, you will not be allowed to access the cleanroom during Phase 1 of returning to research.
  • No training will be completed at this time.
  • We will wait one day between users during Phase 1.
  • Before entering the cleanroom, users must wash their hands following CDC guidelines.
  • Erik will be available to perform thermal evaporations during Phase 1.  Please email him to schedule a time.

Office Supplies/Copy Room

  • Office staff will continue to work remotely during the Phase 1 reopening.  Please continue to contact them by email.  All staff are checking email regularly and are able to respond to requests.
  • For computer repairs, PIs or Graduate Students should leave the device in the copy room and notify David House. He will come in during off hours to disinfect the device and attempt to repair this device in PHYS 220. If it is a more time consuming task, David will take it home to repair. David will notify the user once the computer is fixed and return it to the copy room for pick up. The user should disinfect the device before using it.