Colloquium Schedule- Fall 2015

Date Fall 2015 – Colloquium Information
 Sept. 2, 2015 Title: “High-energy astrophysics of pulsars and their winds”
Dr. Oleg Kargaltsev, George Washington University
 Sept. 9, 2015 Title: Plasmonics: From quantum effects to light harvesting applications
Dr. Peter Nordlander, Rice University
 Sept. 16, 2015 Title: Nanospectroscopy of materials for renewable energy
Dr. Marina Leite, UMD
 Sept. 23, 2015 Title: Magnetically-driven nanoparticle drug delivery: where physics meets biology
Dr. Didier Depireaux, UMD
 Sept. 28, 2015 Title: “Lattice Light Sheet Microscopy: Imaging Molecules, Cells, and Embryos at High Spatiotemporal Resolution”
Dr. Wesley Legant, HHMI, Janelia Research
Chemistry Hosting
 Oct. 7, 2015 CANCELED
Title: LON-CAPA – an open-source online homework for introductory physics courses
Dr. Naresh Sen
 Oct. 14, 2015 Title: Subtropical low cloud organization across thermodynamic and dynamic states using NASA Aqua and MERRA observations
Dr. Brian Kahn, JPL
 Oct. 21, 2015 Title: Giant magnetoresistance (GMR) in magnetic nanostructures: discovery, physical mechanism and impact on data storage
Dr. Imre Bakonyi
 Oct. 28, 2015 Title: Incorporation of sp2 bonded carbon forming Graphene nanostructures in the Matrix of Ag, Al and Cu
Dr. Lourdes Salamanca-Riba, UMD
 Nov. 4, 2015 Title: Lidar applications in oceanography
Dr. Deric Gray, Naval Research Lab
 Nov. 11, 2015 Title: A Galaxy-Scale Fountain of Cold Molecular Gas Pumped by a Black Hole
Dr. Grant Tremblay, Yale University
 Nov. 18, 2015 Title: “Decoherence of polarization entanglement in optical fibers ”
Dr. Michael Brodsky, Army Research Lab
 Dec. 2, 2015 Title: What Makes a Starburst Tick?
Dr. Alberto Bolatto, UMD