Colloquium Schedule – Fall 2021


Date Fall 2021 – Colloquium Information
Sep 8, 2021 Dr. Engin Durgun, Bilkent University
Title: Two-dimensional Materials for Energy and Electronic Applications
Sep 15, 2021 Dr. Zia Mian, Princeton University
Title: Dismantling the Nuclear Doomsday Machine: Scientists, the Bomb, and the Challenges of Nuclear Disarmament
Sep 22, 2021 Dr. Deniz Cakir, University of Dakota
Title: Two-dimensional materials in energy-related applications
Sep 29, 2021 Dr. Pagona Papakonstantinou, University of Ulster
Title: Lightweight Multifunctional Structural Composites
Oct 6, 2021 Dr. Wenjuan Zhu, University of Illinois
Title: Nanoscale Devices based on Two-dimensional Materials and Ferroelectric Materials
Oct 13, 2021 Dr. Bing Pu, University of Kansas
Title: A record-breaking trans-Atlantic African dust plume associated with atmospheric circulation extremes in June 2020
Oct 20,2021 Dr. Cem Sevik, Eskisehir Technical University
Title: Extraordinary negative thermal expansion of two-dimensional honeycomb materials
Oct 27, 2021 Dr. Simone Marras, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Title: Advances and challenges in (high-order) element-based Galerkin methods for numerical weather prediction
Nov 3, 2021 Dr. Ryan Sullivan, Canregie Mellon University
Title: Aerosol Optical Tweezers Elucidate the Chemistry, Acidity, Phase Separations, and Morphology of Atmospheric Microdroplets
Nov 10, 2021 Dr. Stella Constas, Western University
Title: Chemistry in small volumes: Computational insight into the (macro)ion-droplet interactions
Nov 17, 2021 Dr. Alexander Sergienko, Boston University
Title: New Linear-Optical Approach to Quantum Information Processing and Quantum Simulation
Nov 24, 2021 No Colloquium: THANKSGIVING WEEK
Dec 1, 2021 Dr. Adeyemi Adebiyi, University of California
Title: How much solar radiation does atmospheric mineral dust absorb?
Dec 8, 2021 Dr. Jake J. Gristey, NOAA Chemical Sciences Laboratory
Title: Shedding light on solar radiation variability at Earth’s surface