Colloquium Schedule – Fall 2022


Date Fall 2022 – Colloquium Information
Sep 9, 2022 Dr. Birol Ozturk
Title: Quantum Sensing with Solid State Defects
Sep 14, 2022 Dr. Kevin Sanchez
Title: Resolving the impact of phytoplankton ecosystems and meteorological parameters on marine aerosols and boundary layer clouds properties in the North Atlantic
Sep 21, 2022 Dr. Markus Raschke
Title: Ultrafast nano-imaging: probing structure and dynamics of matter on their elementary scales
Sep 28, 2022 Dr. Colin Trout
Title: Provably Optimal Control for Multiplicative Amplitude Control Noise
Oct 5, 2022 Dr. Kanupriya Sinha
Title: Taming Quantum Fluctuations: Some ado about nothing
Oct 12, 2022 Dr. Akira Sone
Title: Quantum Correlations in Heat Exchange of Multipartite Quantum Systems
Oct 19, 2022 Dr. Eric Seabron
Title: Manipulating Light-Matter Interactions in Structured Dielectric Media
Oct 26, 2022 Dr. Hans Moosmüller
Title: Dust in the Wind: Thoughts on Entrained Mineral Dust, Life, and the Universe
Nov 2, 2022 Dr. Robert Foster
Title: Towards Optical Characterization of Marine Microplastic Pollution
Nov 9, 2022 Dr. Xiaohong Liu
Title: Radiative Effect and Climate Impacts of Atmospheric Dust
Nov 16, 2022 Dr. Perla Alalam
Title: Aerosol Mineralogical Study using Laboratory Measurements and IASI Observations: Application to East Asian Deserts
Nov 23, 2022 NO Colloquium: THANKSGIVING WEEK
Nov 30, 2022 Mandatory Physics and Atmospheric Physics GA Workshop
Dec 7, 2022 Dr. Jason Green
Title: Speed limits on dissipative dynamical systems