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Course Syllabi


The syllabi below are not the official syllabi of the courses listed, but a representative syllabus for the course that may be from a previous semester.

The courses may be taught by a different professor, may use a different textbook, may have different meeting times, and other different course details.

You will receive the official syllabus for the course from your professor by the end of the first week of classes of the course.

PHYS 605 Mathematical Physics I
PHYS 607 Electromagnetic Waves & Radiation
PHYS 622 Atmospheric Physics II
PHYS 640 Computational Physics
PHYS 690 Professional Skills for Physicists
PHYS 701 Quantum Mechanics II
PHYS 705 Mathematical Methods II

PHYS 710 Quantum Optics
PHYS 722 Remote Sensing of Earth’s Atmosphere